Its freaking flu season. I. HATE. BEING. SICK.  

Its rather unfortunate that I have been putting so much focus on the importance of sharing. It seems my son has taken the lesson straight to heart and very willingly, and efficiently, shared all his lovely flu germs with his Mommy.  

Surviving the MomFlu

I have been down for the count for a week now. I have been completely miserable and useless for almost an entire WEEK. I don’t do useless well. Typically, when I get sick I muddle my way through. Now, by no means am I a good and confident sick adult, on the contrary on a scale of supermom to man flu, I’m probably inching closer to man flu than I am to supermom, but typically I’m able to get on by and get shit done. Man oh man, but this bout of germs has had me flying through the symptom’s ringer. Hence, useless and miserable little me.  

But what happens when Mommy gets sick? I mean, really sick. What happens when Mommy can’t get up and out of bed to get all the things that Mommy has to get done, done? 

Surviving Momflu

I’m very fortunate. I have a very large support system, call me one spoiled Mama. So, when I fell extremely ill last week, I was fortunate to have an incredible husband who picked up my slack, and an incredible sister and parents who took my son over for a sleepover when my husband needed a break. But even with all of this support, the mom guilt was real.  

I wasn’t the one that was doing the things my son had become accustomed to me doing. I wasn’t the one feeding him dinner, and putting him to sleep at night, I didn’t have the energy to play with him after school. Hell, I couldn’t get out of bed period. To top it all off, the entire time I wasn’t doing these things, all I could think about was the all-consuming guilt, the feeling that I wasn’t doing what I was SUPPOSED to be doing.  

Logically I understood that I was too sick to be of use, that I had to rest in order to get better as soon as possible, but the guilt was unreal.  

Then there are single parents. Those are the real MVP’s. I can’t even imagine doing this job without the kind of support I already have. I can’t imagine not having the opportunity to lie down and rest when I’ve got a 39+ Celcius fever. I can’t imagine having to chase after my 2.5-year-old when I’m coughing up a lung and have severe vertigo, because I don’t have my husband around to pick up my slack. I can’t imagine a world in which my sickness could be significantly prolonged because I don’t have the luxury of time to actually get better. So major props go out to those parents that HAVE to make it work, because they have no choice but to always be a parent first.  

Surviving Momflu

In any case, I’m on the mend, and with every day I feel less useless as a parent. The guilt is still there, even though I know my toddler won’t hold my brief absence against me. I guess that’s just part of the reality of being a parent, everything comes with a dash of guilt and a pinch of self doubt.

In case the flu has hit your house this week too, I’ll leave you with this link to my post about home remedies for the baby cold – I used them on my son while he was sick, and then just transferred them right on over to myself when I took the flu over from him. 

Stay healthy everyone! 

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